investigating Seyed Asadollah kharaghanis' political thought

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1 Qom islamic Azad university faculty of humanities, department of political science

2 استادیار، واحد قم، دانشگاه آزاد اسلامی، قم، ایران

3 qomuniversity


Seyed Asadollah Kharaghani is among the second-rate personages who played an active part in the Constitutional Movement, and has been effective in arousing political and religious personages. He also engaged in religious and scholarly activities along with political activities, and eventually led to the emergence of a specialist trend in Islamology called Qur'anism or the return to the Quran.
He faced new questions and needs of the new age that we did not have in previous religious and traditional teachings or did not seem to answer, or it seemed that past answers did not have the effectiveness of the new problems. It was suggested that we should read the Qur'an again and extract the material that is coming to us today.
The present study examines the political thought of Seyyed Asadollah Kharaghani regarding the criteria, since the type of conception on the basis of the rule of law, the divine right of the state, the basis and scope of private and public law, the scope of law and legislation, and in particular their approach to the issue of Islamic democracy.
This research will focus on library resources through descriptive-analytic method and with an interpretive-political approach to explaining the components of its political thought.
Key words: Sheikh Asadollah Kharaghani, Islamic Democracy, Law Equality, Ultimatum


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